Why choose us

1. excellent technical team: the existing technical staff of 10 people, distributed in R & D, testing, innovation and other jobs.

2. rich production equipment: the existing 18 sets of injection molding machines, from parts to assembly production, quality control of all their own. Two assembly lines, able to meet the production capacity of about 5000 units, the timely delivery.

3. OEM custom products: product color, the function can be customized according to the needs of customers, but also can modify the mold and other special products made.

4. a wide variety of products: there are more than 30 varieties, can meet the needs of customers can not.

5. product certificate: pass CE test.

6. close to the port of Ningbo, the transportation is convenient.


  • Q:1.Derlivery Time?

     25-30 Days around.

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  • Q:2.Payment?


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  • Q:3.Can be OEM?

     YES, Based on MOQ.

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  • Q:4.Which kind of the battery usually need?

     Size D or Size C, also have rechargeable battery.

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  • Q:5.How many color do you have ?

     Many, also can be custom-made based on MOQ.

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